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Why I'm Thankful for a Little Turkey

Thanksgiving is just two, short days away and it will just be the four of us this year. I'm slightly bummed that schedules aren't working out quite like planned, but I'm thankful none the less. I have a turkey defrosting in my refrigerator and the Man Beast and I have a menu planned out, which we will begin preparing for tomorrow.

Every year, I reflect on how thankful I actually am for what my family and I have. Everyone does it, but I come from a different place that helps me appreciate my blessings so much more.

Several years ago, I wrote a three part series chronicling a very dark period, early on in my marriage.  You may read it in detail by clicking here, here, and here. Warning: It's raw, but every bit of it is true.), but I'll give you the highlights.

The Man Beast, The Boy and I were homeless.

Until you don't have a place to call your own (even if it's a rental), you really don't know that feeling of not having any place to go. It's a horrib…