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Mother/Son Endeavors: Photography

This past weekend, the Turtle Clan drove four hours north to visit my little brother and his family. Having two small and very active little boys meant finding an activity that would expend some of that energy. We headed to the lake.

While Baby Girl Precious Preteen and The Man Beast were wading in the water, The Boy and I played around on the beach with various objects and my iPhone.

The Boy grew animated in a way I had not seen for quite some time as he started talking about things he might want to do after high school. His interests are many, but they are all in the arts. For example, he loves to draw and as such, spends all of his spare time drawing. He's tech savvy like his father, and enjoys drawing on the computer, composing music and animating. His latest interest, it would seem, is photography.

So he and I played around a bit. I tried to convince him to ask for a camera for his birthday/Christmas but he refused. "I really want a new computer," he says. Spoken like a true computer geek.

With the exception of the first picture, The Boy meticulously and painstakingly set up every shot, attempting to get everything "perfect". Nothing is by accident; even the placement of the sand is purposeful!

Backyard leaf

Beach find

Mom's Toes

Mom's Toes, again

Mom's toes, again...

Mom's Toes, again!

Another Beach Find

The Boy's Toes

Rock in the sand

Enough with the toes already, Mom!
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