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Everyday People

This past Saturday, I made a one-hour trek out of town in order to take one (of many!) teacher examinations. For those not familiar, thanks to No Child Left Behind (and good, ol' common sense), teachers actually have to prove they can teach your children. (I will let you know in a month if I qualify.)

When you're driving by yourself, attempting to keep yourself awake after waking up and getting out of the door before the sun even rises (and most people are enjoying their Saturday sleep-ins), you tend to find things to do to keep yourself entertained. Considering my Droid Incredible 2 was busy making sure I didn't get lost (Google maps. Greatest. Invention. Ever.) and texting and driving is a tad on the illegal (not to mention, stupid) side, I listened to music.

Traveling through towns, radio stations are a tad sketchy. If I find one I like, chances are, in a couple of minutes it's going to be nothing but static. And static is stressful! As luck would have it, I had cleaned out my car a couple of days prior, so I found a CD I complete forgot I had!

It was Reba's Duets album. It's a great album. It really is. But I had forgotten how great until I heard "Everyday People". The song outlines the lives of three groups of everyday people. College seniors build Habitat for Humanity houses during their Spring Break. A young mother  is diagnosed with cancer and her friends and community pitch in to ensure her bills get paid. Another family moves into the Habitat house. (I'm getting chills just thinking about it.) The essence of the song is everyday people performing huge miracles by doing nothing more than just being there. Showing up. Doing the small odds-and-ends to help someone else in need.

In these past few weeks, I've encountered everyday people in my own life - family, friends, co-workers, and even complete strangers. I am in absolute awe (and gratitude) of people who reach out a hand to you during your time of need. The cynic in me thinks that reality TV shows like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is complete produced and artificial. But the woman who has been completely slapped up on the head by the beauty of humanity knows that while much of TV is produced, humanity is not. People are real. And I thank God they're there.

Until next time...

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  1. Wonderful post!

    I love many of her songs give me chills..


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