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Summer is Officially Over

Hello dear friends,

This is just a small note to let you all know that summer has officially ended for us in GA. Baby Gurl has completed almost a week of 5th grade and seems to like it okay. The Boy will do K-12 this year and starts his classes on Monday. Work, while incredibly busy, is going well, too.

I have a few reviews to write. I will try really hard to work on them over the weekend, but I'm not making any promises.

I do promise to check in before next Friday, though!

Until next time...


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  1. Yeah,public schools start here on Wed. We will start back hsing Tuesday. We did kinda take the summer off. Bad mom, bad mom. lololol

  2. Wow. School started really early for you. Before we know it there will be year-round school. (No summer break). Our students come back next Monday. It's been madness getting ready for that this week. Wishing you well on another school year. :)


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