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Going to the ends of the earth

If you are a friend of mine via Facebook or a follower via Twitter, then you might remember me briefly mentioning that I won a free pair of Old Navy Jeans through Crowdtap. They sent me a coupon for a free pair of ladies jeans and a second coupon to give to a friend!

I have had this coupon in my possession for over two weeks, however, I only got to Old Navy yesterday - THE LAST DAY UNTIL THE COUPON EXPIRED.

First, let me say that the closest Old Navy to my house is over an hour away. I had originally intended on getting the coupon over the summer and going then, but it didn't work out that way. Instead, I received the coupon as soon as school started and these past three weeks have been very hectic between work, school, and plain, ol' Murphey's Law.

I knew the coupon was expiring soon, so I quickly got the Friend Coupon to a friend and then had all intentions of going to Old Navy last weekend. Well, that didn't happen because I had so much homework to do.

THEN, I had …

Summer is Officially Over

Hello dear friends,

This is just a small note to let you all know that summer has officially ended for us in GA. Baby Gurl has completed almost a week of 5th grade and seems to like it okay. The Boy will do K-12 this year and starts his classes on Monday. Work, while incredibly busy, is going well, too.

I have a few reviews to write. I will try really hard to work on them over the weekend, but I'm not making any promises.

I do promise to check in before next Friday, though!

Until next time...

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