Monday, July 4, 2011

It was a good day

Today was a good day. TMB had an extra day off from work and we chose to grill out for the third night in a row. To me, it was the epitome of Summer Vacation. I haven't really felt like the kids and I have been on Summer Break because we haven't really done anything as a family. TMB still has to work during the summer which means Sundays are the only Family Days. Here lately, I've been entirely unmotivated and have waited until the very last minute to get my homework done, which pretty much kills family time on Sunday.

But today was different. Today was lovely.

Left over newspaper from the chimney starter

TBM learned real quick that the Turtle household needed not one, but two chimney starters!

Char-Broil Smoker/Grill Combo - a Father's Day gift for TMB

After doing some research, TMB realized that natural charcoal was better than briquets - and cheaper, too!

A man and his knife: a deadly combination (Okay, not really...but it sounded good)

Wicket, the purebred Shitzhu and NuNu, the husky/lab/beagle mut. Notice who is begging.

Oh the deliciousness of it all

Not a homemade BBQ sauce, but tasty nonetheless

Coming along oh so nicely

I might be This Side of Perfect, but TMB is spot on!
 Until next time...

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