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I'm a Christian: Conclusion

Y'all might have been wondering why I chose to post a week-long parody of the Mac vs PC commercials.

It wasn't to make fun ... honest.

Instead, I wanted to challenge all of my readers - those who have a relationship with Christ and those who do not.

The term 'Christianity' is a wonderful, comforting label, isn't it? I think we've all been guilty of hiding behind it (yes, hiding). I, myself, have found comfort in the label (sometimes, it's just so comfortable in the box, isn't it? And I believe that we also like putting other things in boxes, too - not just ourselves. God, for example).

What separates the Christian faith (I will not call it religion) from other beliefs is that it circles (not boxes) around a relationship with Christ.

A relationship with Christ? What's the catch?

No catch. Really. There are no rigorous rules that one must follow. No hoop-jumping is necessary (although I believe dead churches would have you believe that you must do a lot of hoop jumping in order to be the 'right' Christian).

The way I figure, there are two groups: those who flock to the rule-driven religion called Christianity and those who never have a relationship with Christ because of those rules.


Why is it that for some of us, having a list of impossible rules is more comfortable than just being? Could it be because if we just are we have to get truthful with ourselves in who we really are? Perhaps having all these rules allows us to put on an outside mask that makes us appear presentable (perfect?), when deep inside we believe we aren't worthy.


On the other token, there are those who never have a relationship with Christ because they are led to believe (either by their own doing or others) that they aren't worthy; that they couldn't possibly live up to the expectations set by the church (either real or perceived).

I don't live in the right community.
I don't drive the right car.
I don't wear the right clothes.
I don't listen to the right music.
I don't read the right books.
I'm black.
I'm white.
I'm fat.
I'm skinny.

A pretty long list of ridiculous, isn't it? I sited the last four to show how really ridiculous these self-imposed rules are. But what about the deeper set of standards:

I've lied.
I've cheated.
I've stolen.
I've murdered.

These definitely seem like deal-breakers, huh?


What we fail to realize is that Jesus didn't come for the healthy; He came for the sick. He didn't come for the rich (in spirit); He came for the poor. He came for us - just as we are.

If I have offended anyone by my series of posts this week, I'm glad. Sometimes, when we're offended, it's a conviction. Did you see yourself in the video? Hopefully you did - as the Christ follower. If you saw yourself as the 'suit', perhaps now is a good time to step back and ask yourself: do I have a relationship or a set of rules with Christ?

He wants a relationship with His children. Just as you are. It's okay. He created you. He knows your best and your worst sides. He doesn't care.

Have a great Spring Break, y'all!


  1. Nicely done! I'm still not going to church though :oP Nothing to do with my growing faith, everything to do with my growing anxiety issues and being in public. Stupid arm. I've developed quite the anxiety surrounding being bumped into. Its rational, in that bumping would cause me a huge amount of pain for hours on end...but still. Ugh.

  2. Thank you :) I just kind of hit me last week "This needs to be said."

    I just hope I didn't lose too many readers in the process.

    Do you think if we wrap you in the big bubble wrap we could take you to get some churchin'? LOL

  3. Thanks Iva. I'm a combination of the two. There is something to be said for a little conventuallity and alot to be said about not being legalistic.

    I do want to be known as a "Christ-follower" and glorify Him with my daily life.

    I am forwarding your post to some friends. And I enjoyed the videos too. :o)

  4. Thanks, Kay. I think we all fall somewhere in between. We just need to make sure not to lean too far toward the legalistic side as you said :)


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