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I'm a Christian Part II


  1. I'm a self proclaimed Jesus freak, how about you? It should not matter what one wears to church!☺

  2. Ok. I had to seriously give some thought to this, and decide how to respond. I whole heartedly understand that this sort of message is directed exactly at ppl like myself that struggle with the term 'Christian' because I've run into some of the stereotypes hit upon in the video clips, and far worse. Way worse.

    That being said, I acknowledge that the term Christian is millenia old, and it bothers me tremendously that it would be changed to fit the whims and fancies of some.

    I'm on the fence. I'm honestly not sure how I feel. I find the 'Christ Follower' more appealing, as I'm meant to...but...*sigh*

  3. My roommate would love this one...she worships on Saturday. (well, all week, but worships corporately on Saturday)


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