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There's More Than One Way to Call a Friend

Talk to your friends, family or colleagues and you'll find that most everyone is tweaking their budget. Most people are choosing to adjust their food budgets, as it's the most versatile area to adjust. Others are choosing to cut out the extras - like cable or a second car. But for those who are re-thinking phone options I present this question: Have you considered VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)?

For all you non-tech people, VoIP allows you to use your DSL or Cable connection to make phone calls. It differs from voice chat through instant messenger in that you talk on a regular telephone - it's just hooked up to a VoIP adapter instead of your wall jack. With most companies, you get all the features of your local phone company for a fraction of the cost.

But unlike the phone company, you can choose what company to go with for VoIP. You've seen the Vonage commercials, but they aren't the only VoIP company. I've personally used Packet 8 and was happy with the service. (I cancelled VoIP when I cancelled my cable. I know use DSL and am considering going back to VoIP).

But time is money right? You could spend hours lost in cyber space researching all the companies that offer VoIP. But you don't have to - Consumer VoIP Compare does all the work for you. At CVC, you'll find a list of VoIP companies, their prices, whether they require a contract (some do, some do not) as well as a direct link to the individual websites. If getting a new number is a concern for you, many companies offer to transfer your existing phone number.

It couldn't be easier!

Until next time...

VoIP Review


  1. Cool! I learned of this mode of communication recently. One of my other blog buddies in France and I have been using Google Talk (via G-Mail). I don't talk much on the telephone. I'm sure others will love this idea though! Good post, very informative. :o) ♥ ∞

  2. Thank you,Sparky! Isn't it wonderful how technology has opened up so many possibilities?


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