Saturday, February 21, 2009

Grab My Button

***I'm still working out the details, apparantly. The code works...but doesn't link back to Horizontal Yo-Yo. So, until I can figure that part out, y'all are gonna have to link back manually. After you place the code, click on 'rich text' and manually link it. It'll work...just an extra step. Thanks for your patience.***

That's not meant to sound vulgar. But look over there ====> thanks to Susan and some Swag Bucks searches, I figured out how to make a button (although mine is a bit like a mini banner).

If you want it - grab it. If not - well, that's okay, too. I know that I really enjoy grabbing buttons (and will be adding some to my blog in the days to come).

And as blog is a work in progress. Much like it's owner.


Until next time...

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