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Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

I just had a fabulous visit with MIL, Monster Mama, Monster Daddy, Bean Pole, and Jellybean, but I felt the urge to post today. Usually, I leave the Sunday Reflections to Linda, but this was too good not to get out. I don't usually do 'political'...but this needs to be said.

Today was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. A group gathered at a local southern cafe to pray for an hour in hopes of ending abortion.

Some frightening statistics:
  • Almost 50 million babies have been aborted since the early 1970s
  • Only about 1% are the result of rape or incest (a common defense for pro-choice)
I'm not here to sit in judgment of those reading who might have had an abortion - the same God that loves me, loves you - our sins are the same -- but all I'm saying is that if my mother had made a different decision, I wouldn't be here. If Monster Mama had made a different decision, Jellybean wouldn't be here.

There is a bill that we Georgians hope will be on the ballot in 2010 called The Human Life Amendment. There is a lot to it and if you want to read it in full, you can here, but in a nutshell:
With respect to the fundamental and inalienable rights of all persons guaranteed in this Constitution, the word “person” applies to all human beings, irrespective of age, race, sex, health, function, or condition of dependency, including their unborn children at every state of their biological development, including fertilization.

This Amendment will not only apply to the unborn but to the elderly and handicapped and disabled as well. Did you know that there are some people who would believe that someone doesn't deserve to live if they can't bring a fork to their mouth? This would include some of the ladies that I've visited in the nursing home and every single one of my students in the classroom! I just cannot accept this.

If you feel so led, would you please be in prayer about this Amendment? Prayer is a powerful thing - it's a gift that we as Christians often fail to tap into.

Until next time...


  1. issue is a simple one ABOUT THIS issue..and I would rather email you about it..which I will tonight. Being friends, I know neither of us will judge one another. And I am confident we will remain friends. So, with that said..hugs and lots of love..I have to go finish dinner, I am came online to delete my post. And I see I was to late.I would rather discuss this evenings sermon than todays. MUCH LOVE IVA DEAR.♥

  2. Being adopted and a Christian I am unashamedly pro-life. Undoubtably, this will also protect any 'group' that may in the future be considered 'unwanted' (by whomever are the power brokers of the age). I didn't even know about this encouraging amendment. I will bring this up at our Church when next we meet. Thank you! God bless. ♥ ∞

  3. I am really pleased to hear about this amendment and its wording. I think so often that people who are "pro-life" become so wrapped up in abortion they forget to be pro-LIFE and that means all life. Elderly people, disabled people, people who don't necessarily agree with your point of view, etc. All life has the right to exist, all of God's creation is precious and should be treated with respect and honored.

  4. I cried during the sermon yesterday remembering a conversation I had a few years back. I've never told anyone about it, not because it was personal, but because it moved me so much emotionally. I'm going to finally share it Thursday on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

  5. Linda - it's obvious that we do not agree on this issue. And that's okay - I still love ya, girl!

    Sparky - Had you shared that you were adopted on your blog? If you did, I totally missed it. What a great testimony!

    Julie - I've never been political, but working with the kids I do, I am finding my 'cause' and I feel very strongly about it.

    Ronnica - I look forward to reading Thursday's blog post.

  6. Hey Iva, you've got something on my blog!


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