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Can I Really Be This Old?

I should start by saying that I'm 'only' 32 years old. Many of my readers are older than me...a few are younger...and no, I don't feel old. And no, I'm not really old.

But my boy is! He turned 11 years old today.

And to show my love to my oldest, I was awake this morning at 5, baking cupcakes for him to take to school. Oh yes...can you feel the love?

Here it is past 8 pm and I almost didn't make it to post today. I almost missed that cut off. But I made it. And unfortunately, I don't have much to show. I'll take pictures of my boy tomorrow. And I might even show some pictures through the years of him...we'll start maybe with the one of him standing in his great grandmother's bottom drawer in her kitchen, big head, chubby cheeks with a look of 'What'd I do?' on his face. I'll save the birth pictures for a face-to-face encounter. I knew you wouldn't mind.

Until next time...


  1. So, Iva - were you going to post the picture of your boy in the bottom drawer? Maybe I just missed it. I wanted to see those chubby cheeks.


  2. No, I haven't posted the picture yet. I'll have to pull it out and then use the scanner. I'll try to get to it sometime this week.

    Thanks, Susan.


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