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A Baby Shower

The Kiddos were the youngest guests at the shower. It was a co-ed shower (we're so modern, don'tcha know?)

For reasons that allude me, Baby Gurl was completely fascinated by Best Friend's Mom ceiling fan.

Meet Monster Daddy (he's the cutie on the left). Meet Bean Pole, Monster Mama's baby brother (he's the cutie on the right).

This is the best friend (on the left). Every gal has one, this is Monster Mama's. BTW, Monster Mama is the cutie on the right (there were tons of cuties at the shower).

One, big happy family. Everyone with a doodle on them belongs to Monster Mama (best friend has the pink heart, boyfriend has the red heart). If you look closely, you'll see Baby Gurl in there...somewhere...


  1. Nice pics! TYVM for sharing. hey, I want to live there, looks like a nice house, lol. Blessings.

  2. It was. A total girlie house...I'm surprised a Man Beast even lived there...but he does!


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