Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nothing Like a Baby Shower...

Saturday was my SIL's, Monster Mama (MM), baby shower. Three of her best buds showed up, as well as her boyfriend and my MIL (TCWA). It was small and it was nice.

But it made me think. It made me feel nostalgic. But it made me feel a little sad, too.

Remember, with the exception of the moms there (the BBF's, MIL and myself) and my kids, everyone there was in their teens. All are still in school (except for MM) and I believe they all have jobs and cars (again, except for MM).

Now, when I was 17, I didn't have my license or a car - but I did the next year. And I remember the total awesomeness (yes, it's a word) of going to school, working, driving my car to go see the Man Beast (of course, at the time, he was MBIT - Man Beast in Training) - in a word: just being a kid. I loved it. (And I really loved that the only 'bill' I had was my car insurance. My whole paycheck - which wasn't much), was mine.

It is the one time in one's life when they really have no responsibilities and they can just exist and have fun. That's what I did when I was 17.

And this is what these kids are doing, no doubt. No worries. Live for the day. Let tomorrow worry about itself.

But in a month, that carefree and easy life is going to cease to exist. Sure, a baby is a great thing. But I feel like Monster Mama's carefree life is being cut a bit short because of her little monster. Please, don't get me wrong - babies are great thing. I know she's going to be a fabulous mommy (and I am going to be a fabulous aunt, thankyouverymuch) - but I know what she's going to be missing - and it makes me sad.

Of course, all of this will be much easier to take if her BFF and other friends stick with her. I was talking to a friend earlier today - my BFF - and she said that she lost a lot of friends when she had her boy. (I was lucky, she stayed with me even after I had The Boy and she was still single, footloose and fancy free. In fact, if memory serves, I ended up making her an 'aunt' and she loved every minute of it - spoiling The Boy before he could even walk.)

Single friends - especially those without children (or other responsibilities) - don't always understand why you can't do something. No, I can't go out to eat, Jr. needs diapers. No, I can't go to the movies, I stayed up all night with Jr.

I could be totally off base with MM and her friends - and I pray that I am. But after revisiting my early years in the way of a teen baby shower, I've decided that I really want The Kiddos to experience that time of wild abandon (well, almost wild) of the teen years.

'Cuz there's really nothing like them, ya know?

Until next time...


  1. Yeah, I understand where your coming from, really I do.

    Thanks Iva for telling me to get off the pot.☺ --I just about had to use the Windex to clean the computer screen, lol.Blessings

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