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Miss Me?

I haven't gotten around to updating my blog roll and since I'm on The Man Beast's computer (shhh, don't tell), I probably won't do it right now. But since I have a full week off for Fall Break, I'll get to it definitely, without a doubt. (Okay, can we get real - I might get to it. Those of you who regularly check in on me from time to time, I do appreciate you putting up with me - organized and predictable, I am not - except that there is always a slight chance that I won't always get to what I need to get to.)

I've been waiting all week for this day. I had to stay after school for two hours yesterday so that I could get off two hours earlier today. And it wasn't until after I had left, that I realized I left a few minutes before 1:30 - oops. I'll stay late on Thursday to make up for it.

I have absolutely no plans for this Fall Break except a lovely visit from my MIL - THE Coolest Woman Alive (TCWA for short). While she doesn't live but a short 1 hour drive away, it seems like it's been forever since we've all gotten together for visit. Considering the last time we saw each other was right before school started (first week of August), I guess it has been forever. Still, it's going to be awesome to see her.

I'll also be seeing Monster Mama, my SIL. Her little monster is due at the end of November. The Man Beast and I provided the first batch of grand babies - which is special. But this baby is TCWA's only daughter's first baby. Oh, and did I mention that this baby will make me an aunt? Is that the coolest or what?

Since I'll be home all week, expect to see some updates to the blog. I've got some ideas that I'll want to implement - like making daily blog posts! (But for those who don't know, Blogger - and I'm sure other blogs do as well - provides a scheduled publishing option. This means that when I have time, I can write up blog posts for future days. Crystal, over at Money Saving Mom, does this with both of her blogs because as she puts it, she has a life outside of her blog. So do I. So do you. But I still like to be here. I still like to share.)

Since it's October, be prepared to see some breast-themed posts. I feel very strongly about prevention and taking care of your body. I have not been personally affected by breast cancer, nor have any women who are close to me - but that does not diminish the importance of taking care of what yo' mama gave you.

That's all for now...


  1. I always miss you..I keep on looking to see if you put one of those trackers on your site..if you did, you would find I am the stalker. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL


  2. You get a week long fall break? Cool! Of course, we do too, but only from school, not work.


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