Sunday, October 12, 2008

Great Visit

If you remember, today was the day that TCWA, Monster Mama and Jack's Bean Stalk (JBS for short) came for a visit.

They just left not too long ago.

The visit in short - was awesome! Of course, it usually is.

I have permission from Monster Mama to talk about her - and her little Jelly Bean (my self-imposed name for the Little Monster. Because I'm the aunt - that's why). Be prepared to hear a lot about her. I would have taken pictures, but I think hope my camera is at school. TCWA took pictures and since The Man Beast fixed her computer (yes, she brought her CPU), she should be able to email me a few. And you know I'll just have to post. (But first, TCWA has 974 email messages to get through - 900 of which are probably from me. Her computer has been busted for a long time. )

MM looks great. She's got the cute mama belly. She has a couple more weeks to go - her first due date is on Thanksgiving. Won't that make for an interesting post? Her second due date is in December...but I'm about 99.999% sure that this will not be a Christmas baby. The good new is that since we live in a small city, the hospital is literally just 5 minutes up the road. She could walk...but since that makes labor move faster (and walking tends to be painful during labor), you'll be glad to know that we won't be making the mama of my nephew walk to the hospital. We're just cool like that.

We'll I'll be seeing Monster Mama for her Halloween themed baby shower in two weeks. (I'm sure Linda would love to see that!) TCWA will be making treats. We tried Googling Baby Frankenstein cakes. Would you believe there aren't any? No worries - TCWA has more talent in her little finger than I have in my whole body...she'll come up with something...and it will be awesome. Like always. Which is just why I had to give her the nickname The Coolest Woman Alive...because she is. But you can't have her. She's my mother in law. Get your own.

Until next time...


  1. I say, the first of Dec. That is my best guess. Really, your going to have a themed baby shower? How cool. I wanna come. lol


  2. Yup. Honest and truly. But I'm not organizing it. I'm just showing up. In costume (well, that's what the directions say...but I'm not sure about that...) The kids are coming. They'll probably be the only kids...well, if you put aside the fact that Monster Mama is 17...LOL


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