Monday, September 29, 2008


I've been tagged! How totally cool is that? (Hello, my name is Iva and I'm a child of the 80s who apparently has never left!)

I have been tagged by Hi-D over at Bugs, Boys and Burritos. I've only been tagged on other time, I believe (Will I repeat myself? Probably). What's so great about being tagged this time is that Hi-D is from a blog that I stumbled on in my Blog Bumblings. Her blog is wonderful - I highly recommend you check it out.

  1. At 32 years of age, I am still afraid of the dark.
  2. I am an all-or-nothing kind of person. Either I do what needs to be done or don't do it at all. (I'm working on this - in fact, that's what Horizontal Yo-Yo is all about!)
  3. I was held back a grade in early elementary because I couldn't read or write English. I had moved to Mexico with my family in kindergarten and became fluent in Spanish. When I came back to the States, I got it in my head that since I was in America, I needed to speak English (an adult told me, perhaps - or maybe I just wanted to fit in?). As a result, I cannot read or write Spanish fluently. Sometimes, it seeps in every now and then...but most of the time, Nada. (Ha! See? Nada means "nothing" in Spanish).
  4. I took two years of Spanish in high school to fulfill a foreign language requirement. I still cannot speak Spanish (see #3).
  5. I, too, have moved a lot in my life; so much in fact, I was convinced that my step-dad was involved in something where he had to hide. I have lived in CA (where I was born), AZ, IN, NC, VA, FL and finally, GA. I've not only moved state-wide, but city-wide, as well. In fact, in the first 7 years of my marriage, I had moved ten times. And no, The Man Beast is not in the military (neither am I, for that matter).
  6. When I first got married, Man Beast did all the cooking because I could not cook. He remarked the other day, "Haven't you noticed that I haven't been cooking as much?" As a matter of fact, I had. I just figured it was because he did that little thing called provide for his family by working 12 hours a day. Who knew that it was because of my improvement in cooking that he wasn't cooking as much?
  7. The term, Man Beast, is not my own. I owe it all to my dear friend, Taxi, who coined the phrase after she met my husband. It is to her that I give all props, high fives, back pats and belly rubs. Thank you, dear friend, for coining such a bodacious phrase.
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