Friday, September 12, 2008

I Kind Of Got Side-Tracked

Don't you hate it when that happens?

I've talked about getting side tracked in the past, but I'm happy to report that this time, my getting side tracked wasn't all that bad.

After going back to town to fill up the gas tank (just in case), I came home to clean off the dining room table. (The house is still clean - I promise - the dining room table was cluttered from last night's PTA paperwork. We didn't get home until late and I didn't feel like dealing). I go to put up my marriage license and the kids' birth certificates (I had pulled them out of the file to fill out some new-hire paperwork) and open up the filing cabinet to find a mess.

I immediately pull all the files out and start sorting through them.

I find pictures of the kids two years ago. I find a family picture taken three years ago. I find old speech therapy paperwork for Baby Gurl from five years ago! It is a total memory lane thing.

An hour later, I'm putting much smaller files into the filing cabinet - including the certificates.

And...are you sitting down? Since there were small scraps of paper on the floor where I was working, I got up and vacuumed!

Will someone please check for a temperature?

Until next time...


  1. You Go Girl!!!!!

    Sounds like you are doing great with the house!

    Keep it up!

  2. Thank you. I suspect it has something to do with the books about clutter I'm reading.

    I'll be sure to share them on a post when I get done.

  3. When you're done, you want to come to my house? LOL


  4. Will you be there to help? LOL You're doing carpets, too...not sure I'm up to all that. [grin]

  5. What time can I expect you? LOLOL..JK. COOL BEANS, IVA!! SO happy to hear.

    Talking about filling up, Hey, not sure about GA, but the governor here in AL has signed a State of Emergency. Serious issues with price gouging. It is $4 here, some places $5. Blessings

  6. I have a friend in E'prise that said her local stations are stopping fill ups at $50. I paid $4.07 yesterday and The Man Beast said it's around $4.15 in Brantley Co (about 30 min away from Ware Co)

  7. Hi Iva!

    Some side-tracks are definitely more productive than others. You got the job done and a little trip down memory lane. :D

    I have the house to myself for 3 hours and I am, at the moment, side-tracked!

  8. Yeah...I've been kind of side tracked again today - although this time, NOT in a good way.

    I'm not giving up on myself though. I'm not! LOL


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