Friday, July 11, 2008

Packing a little *too* well

Today, I spent a few hours in Baby Gurl's room. We played the ole Keep/Toss game. I admit we kept a lot more than we tossed. And if we stick with the Man Beast's rule of three boxes, this Mom is going to have to get creative!

The Boy got his room completely packed up yesterday. Completely. He did such a good job of packing yesterday, that he was searching through his boxes to find a pencil today.


We have never been this organized in moving - ever. And I've been known to move my fair share. I've been moving on average, every two years since I was a child. I know how it's done. Well, I know how it's usually done. At least in my circle.

1. Decide you want to move at the last minute.
2. Pack at the last minute.
3. Move at the last minute.
4. Clean at the last minute.

I've been doing it a bit different this time around. I'm packing three weeks early! To be honest, I'm just not quite sure what to do with myself. Aside from the pencil incident today with The Boy, it's amazing how much you can do without!

Maybe this should be a clue that we really don't need everything we're hanging onto.

Interesting theory. Of course, it won't fly with the Man Beast. So, of course, since I'm such a Godly striving to be a Godly wife, I'll shape my will to his will (while still being in His will), and find my creative, inventive side and do what I do best - make due.

Now, if I had it my way, we'd probably do what Dear Linda's husband wants to do and sell everything and start fresh.

But then again, I've covered why that's not such a good idea.