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It's Time! It's Time!

Okay, so my joke is a little ... odd. But it is time for our Time Challenge. I'm so excited! I hope you are, too.

Here's how this is going to work:

  • If you decide that you want to participate in the challenge, grab the Time Challenge button located over there ===> When you upload it to your blog, please link back to this message. (Just click the title to get the direct URL)
  • Simply use my document or your own, to keep track of your hourly happenings.
  • Every day next week, I'll have a Mister Linky form under my posts. (Look at the bottom of this post to find it. Go ahead an post your link if you're doing this with me. It'll be fun!) This is for our Daily Tallies. Every day, post your tallies and come back here to a post the link to that blog post (not your blog), so that we can check in on you.
  • For your convenience, I've created a little sheet for you to use. You can use whatever you want. Use scratch paper if that's your thing. But if you choose to use what I've created, you can get it here. Being a Word document, you should be able to open it. I also have a PDF version of the same file. If you prefer the file in PDF format, you can email me at TurtleMom23 AT gmail DOT COM.
That's it! Simple, huh? You'll see on my Time Card that I have blocks from 5 am to 12 midnight. This can be very general. You don't have to write down every single thing you do. For example, if you're in the bathroom in the morning, you don't have to report how long it takes you to shower, brush your teeth, style your hair, put on your make up, etc. Just report that you spent 30 minutes in the bathroom. It'll be okay.

I'm really looking forward to this y'all. I think it's going to be a real eye opening experience. I do! And remember, if you aren't participating in the Time Challenge, please do visit me (and other participants) daily to encourage us.


  1. Ok, im ready. Does this start tomorrow?

  2. Yup! Tomorrow at 5 am. Earlier if your tail is up. Mine sure won't be.

  3. I don't know about this one. I think I am too much of a slacker to keep up with it right now, but I will think about it.

  4. Think about it. If you decide to do it - great! If not, that's okay, too :~)

  5. HLEP I AM LOST!!! What do I do?!?!
    Calgon, take me away!

    I got up at 6,went to the bathroom and then played on the computer

    7 woke the family
    7:10 ate breakfast
    8:00 got ready for church and left at 8:10

    9 till 12 church and Wal Mart
    12 to 1 clean and lunch
    1:30 here I am!!!

  6. I am telling you, Iva, this woman (meaning me, of course, lol) wastes

  7. Okay, so at the end of your tally (so far) you could say that you spent an hour on the computer (good job!), three hours at church, an hour on lunch...

    It's really not supposed to be difficult. I'm so sorry y'all if it is. This is just to give you an idea of where you spend your time.

    I'll tell you right now -- my Sundays are pretty productive, all things considered. I'm interested in what my Tuesday will bring! LOL


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