Thursday, July 31, 2008

Count down to School: Three Days

I tackled the den and dining room today. I used my new vacuum and killed a speaker cord.

On thing to note here: I am hard on my things. Washer. Dryer. Dishwasher. Vacuum. Nothing can escape my "Come on, this is what I want you to do - now do it!" Most of the time, they comply. Sometimes, not so much. This vacuum has a five year warranty. Sounds like a personal challenge to me.

This afternoon, the kiddos and I headed to their school for open house. Baby Gurl saw her teacher from last year and cried! She said that she had been away from school too long. It took her teacher from last year and me a full minute to convince her that she wasn't the only one who left school for the summer.

Once she met her teacher for this year, however, she was right as rain. Maybe it was the goody bag the teacher had out for the kids that won her over? Actually, I suspect she's a lot like her mama in that she's afraid of the unknown. Now that she knows where her class is and who her teacher is, there's nothing left to worry about.

The Boy's teachers seem pretty neat this year, too. He's got two since he's in the gifted program this year. After talking with them both, I believe he's going to have an exciting and challenging year. I'm really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to my school to meet my teacher.

Until next time...