Friday, June 13, 2008

TGIF -- Happy Friday the 13th

I refuse to believe that today is any different from any other Friday based solely on the day that it happens to fall on the calendar. I'm sure many people have birthdays today and many children are going to be born today. How can today be bad?

I refuse to be superstitious.

Weekly RoundUp -- in a nutshell -- failed.

Well, no, I can't say that. VBS was awesome! It was loud and disorganized (like your's truly) but last night, we had twenty kids come to Christ! The Girl told me yesterday that she had accepted Christ into her heart last week at another VBS (why she didn't tell me, I dont' know) and The Boy recommitted his life to Christ last night. (I kind of had a feeling he would because he's been really bummed that he doesn't know Christ as well as I do. I reassurred him by saying the only way to know Christ is to spend time with Him and told him that even I hadn't been doing that as much I should. We've agreed that daily devotions together might be a good place to start.)

It takes 21 days to create a habit. Christ should be a habit. Are all habits bad? Is it downplaying Christ to want to make Him a habit?

I know one thing: the more time you spend with Christ, the more time you want to spend with Him.
I have a sore throat today. Again, nothing to do with the date today. I just hooted a little too loudly last night at VBS. I woke up in the middle of the night with it screaming in pain.

Do you ever notice that when your throat is sore, you spend more time swallowing spit -- making it hurt more?
I have lost my passion for home organization. I must get the passion back.

Okay, I'd settle for a little bit of 'oomf'.

Tonight, I'm making the Man Beast his Father's Day dinner. I'm making spaghetti -- canned sauce, boxed noodles and cheap hamburger meat. But I'm making up for it with homemade no knead rolls and homemade brownies.

That's a maybe on the brownies. I might not have all the ingredients I need. In which case, when I go to the store to buy MB his present, I can pick up a box of brownie mix.

Aren't I just a mess?

I'm pretty sure that anything I serve the Man Beast tonight will be a welcomed sight after a week of cheap processed food. (His doing by the way. He said when he was making the menu this past week that he wanted to go easy on me. Next year, we're going Crock Pot. I don't think any of our bodies could take all this junk again.)
Speaking of junk, I'm up a pound this week. Our church served 'dinner snack' to the kids. There's no snack -- unless it's empty calories void of any nutritional value. So you know my kiddos ate it up. I did, too.

I'm so ashamed.
Oh well! It's back to The Plan!

Today, I have a mountain of laundry to do. (No, really. I'm thinking of naming it. How does Mt. Dontwannadoit sound to you? Sounds like it should be in HI instead of GA. Mt. Justkeepsgettinbiggernbigger. That's better -- with a true southern twang!)

I've got to tame the clutter in my house. It's the other beast -- the white elephant, actually -- that no one wants to talk about. But it's here. And it's neon white.
Later gator!

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  1. I've got VBS beginning on the 23rd of this month and I have no idea what the kids & I'll be eating except on Tuesday night because hubby flies back to work that night and we'll eat at Costco after we leave him at the airport.

    I really need to get back to the task of making menu plans for our meals so that we're spending less on eating out, especially when hubby's at work.

    Congrats on the wonderful happenings with so many kids, especially your own, this week. That just makes the work/labor of VBS so worth it when kids come to know Jesus.


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