Friday, June 20, 2008

Nothing like unexpected company to get a house tidy

The Boy's best friend from church is visiting. He actually called this morning and asked to come over.

Initially, I said no. And then I thought about it.

Why should The Boy be punished because I haven't been keeping up on my chores.

I told The Boy to call Boy's Friend and tell him that I'll come pick him up after I run a few errands.

Two hours after that phone call, we were finally on our way out the door. (This would be why I am notoriously late -- never fails. I lack gumption. Or maybe I just have a really bad concept of time.)

The Boy's Friend calls while we're out -- Where are you guys? Aren't you back yet?

Finally, we get home, arrangements are made and The Boy's Friend is on his way over.

Of course, with impending company, you take quick inventory of the really important things to clean. I figured taming the paper monster, telling the kids to pick up their clutter and straightening up the kitchen are good enough for a nine year old boy.

Oh, and I mopped. But only because the kiddos spilled water as they were cleaning out the dishwasher and I had mud puddles on my floor.

Mud puddles and company are very good reasons to mop a kitchen floor.

And now, since all three kiddos are playing Smash Bros. , hiding out in my bedroom and folding laundry sounds like a good idea.

Of course, so does laying down with the new book I got at the library today.