Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Birthday to me and other news!

Okay, so I've refrained from being totally obnoxious on the message boards about my birthday. I've refrained from my not-so-subtle countdown ticker.

But this is my so I can be as obnoxious as I want --

I'm done. (See, if you allow me to be obnoxious, I won't's when you prohibit me from being obnoxious that I feel the need to be very obnoxious)

I started out my birthday on a great food -- I woke the Man Beast up late! He declined lunch so I sent him to work hungry. He did take ten bottles of water to work though, so I'm not a complete failure.

I'm finishing my first mug of coffee, sitting on the couch, listening to Tom and writing to you all of you. (I have to interject here: if you need some spiritual boost during the week or don't attend a home church, I encourage you to tune into Tom Dooley and Master Media and listen to hour segments of 'good stuff'. He doesn't brow beat but he doesn't have a lot of fluff in his podcasts either. Listen once, and you might be hooked for life).

Officially, the poll wasn't supposed to end for another three days. But my public has spoken loudly (even though there were only four of you -- I listened!) and I've added feed to my blog. This means you can subscribe to me and never miss a post. (This will come in very handy for when I actually put into practice my daily to-do list and post every day.)

There are several ways to subscribe -- I recommend two:

The easiest way (IMO) is to create feed in your own mail client. (I use Thunderbird and subscribe to Crystal and Ree's blogs -- actually, I subscribe to all four of Ree's).

The second easiest way to subscribe is to use Google Reader.

There are tons of readers out there. Just do a search and I'm sure you'll find the one that's right for you.

Do I have any offers to be my guinea pig? Let me know if it works? I guess I could be my own guinea pig.

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