Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Give her a notebook and *this* is what happens

Do you all see this? Look at my beautiful notebook! How long have I had this? Two, three weeks? And just look!

I suppose you want to know what happened. I happened!

Seriously, if God weren't in charge, something like this probably would have happened to the children by now. They'd look like some modern-age painting -- waterlogged and runny. Can I just say right now how thankful I am that God is in charge? Amen and amen!

So, back to my notebook. I put it on my chest freezer while I made my rolls last week. I use my freezer because my kitchen was built back in the dark ages and has a counter top as large as a double sink, all the way on the other side of my kitchen away from the stove!

So, I had the notebook right there on top of my make-shift counter, across the stove, having a good ol' time. After I got the rolls in the oven ,I pulled some milk out of the freezer.

I had to move the notebook to open the freezer and pull out my milk. I placed my frozen milk on top of the freezer to thaw.

What happens when things thaw?

They melt. They make condensation. That condensation makes large puddles -- especially a gallon of milk.

Now, had I left my notebook on the shelf with my pots and pans, I would have been fine. But I just had to move the notebook back where it was--beside the thawing milk jug.

What you see is the end result.


Well, at least none of the inside pages were damaged.
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