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Managing my time instead of time managing me

Iva's going into organizational mode -- WATCH OUT!

Actually, I've been 'meaning' to for a long time. My favorite blogs to read are the home organizational ones. Of course, I realize that often, I'm chasing a phantom (the person I WISH I could be...but she'll NEVER exist). My current favorite blog is and her sister site .

I am going to be using the forms over at to fill my household binder. I looked and found some nice ones...but I'm feeling a little bit modern. I do wish I could find some (free) that had biblical motivational quotes but all are victorian...and I'm just not feeling very victorian.

The need to organize (or is a want?) came from my laundry schedule. Yes, I actually have an honest-to-goodness laundry schedule. I have it posted in all the bedrooms plus the laundry room. And it's worked great! Another plus is that it's saved me some cash with the water and electric bills. (Of course, it's very important to point out that my system only works when I work it...typical. LOL)
After talking with a friend, we decided that we should have a workout schedule. Well, I thought I might like to put that in my binder as well as a cleaning schedule.

Not micromanaging -- just having everything written out so I can see it. I figured the laundry schedule worked so well...why not apply it to other parts of my life? It's just too easy to procrastinate and get overwhelemed without having clear-cut goals.

Something else that is so easy to procrastinate over is my menu and grocery shopping. If I fail to plan, I plan to fail. And in this case -- that failure spells M-O-N-E-Y. Danny getting paid weekly might actually help in the grocery area as I can take advantage of grocery sales. I typically buy a Sunday newspaper after church. The kids and I can clip and file those. (I'm contemplating paying them a penny for every one they help with). On Tuesdays, the sales papers come out for Kroger, Harveys and Food Lion. I think Tuesdays would be a good day to make my menu. Then, on Saturday mornings, after I get Danny off to work, the kids and I can go to the store and shop. (Danny thought that Wednesday nights would be a good choice...but with church and's just too busy).

Oh...and I'm not sure if I mentioned it here or not, but Dave Ramsey's commission system for the kids is working out great! Chores are getting done and Mom and Dad are being held accountable for payment. The kids have saved up enough to buy what they're saving up for -- they are turning into saving machines, actually! I love it! (DJ is getting an MP4 player and Lynne is getting a Puppy in My Pocket Playset).

I think, that by actually MANAGING my time instead of my time mangaging ME, I might have MORE TIME to do the things that I want to do -- hang out with Danny and the kids, read, write, etc.

I'm not going FlyLady...but I'm getting pretty close


  1. I don't think I will ever master this one.....It has me by the britches...:-)


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