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Managing my time instead of time managing me

Iva's going into organizational mode -- WATCH OUT!

Actually, I've been 'meaning' to for a long time. My favorite blogs to read are the home organizational ones. Of course, I realize that often, I'm chasing a phantom (the person I WISH I could be...but she'll NEVER exist). My current favorite blog is and her sister site .

I am going to be using the forms over at to fill my household binder. I looked and found some nice ones...but I'm feeling a little bit modern. I do wish I could find some (free) that had biblical motivational quotes but all are victorian...and I'm just not feeling very victorian.

The need to organize (or is a want?) came from my laundry schedule. Yes, I actually have an honest-to-goodness laundry schedule. I have it posted in all the bedrooms plus the laundry room. And it's worked great! Another plus is that it's saved me some cash wi…