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I'm not one for drugs, but...

I have to say that this Diet Pepsi Max is outta sight!'s got MEGA doses of caffeine. And I dare say that if I didn't have it surging through my system, I'd be a walking zombie.

I got home, put in a load of sheets and made up a grocery list, picked up the kids, went shopping. Then I came home, started making dinner. I made my bed, put Lynne's sheets in the dryer and DJ's in the wash. Then I swept and mopped my kitchen floor and I'm getting ready to go make Lynne's bed and get her in the tub.

I will shoot in the kneecap the person who dare says that I have *just* a part time job. Bull puckey -- I have a part time job on top of a full time job of running a house. Hubby and I both work -- but all the household duties fall to me.

I'm thinking I might have to sit down with hubby and talk to him about the possibility of putting a load in the wash in the morning before he leaves for work. Or making the bed. Or doing up breakfast dishes. Or even tu…