Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Playing around a bit

Okay, so I've been playing around with my blog. I'm sure you can't tell from looking at it (or maybe you can), but this is an old blogger template (standard HTML coding). The new blogger (from what I can tell) is XML coding. It's quite a challenge to find templates for the new blogger. I walked through a tutorial with a friend and she has a really great blog set up. But I saw this and I really liked it, so I switched back to classic. It probably won't stay as it doesn't support widgets (did you notice all my links are gone?) In fact, I can't edit the links that are displayed here without going in and messing with the HTML coding. I know the basics, but nothing fancy. I am a cut and paste woman (giving proper credit where credit is due always!)

I use free templates as I can't afford to buy one. Besides, I wouldn't consider myself a power blogger. Oh I'd love to be one! And I suppose the summer months is the best time to start because my time is more or less my own; but here I sit.

I did find a few pay-for templates that I adore. $75. Maybe I should asking for a template for next year's birthday, eh? I like to change up my templates so often, I don't think it'd be worth my while to spend that kind of money on a template. However, if I were to spend the money on a template, made exactly the way I wanted, perhaps I wouldn't change them as frequently?

Of course, the obvious solution would be to learn how to make the templates myself and I could both make my own and change it exactly how I wanted, any time I wanted.

I guess the most obvious solutions aren't the easiest to put into place....

UPDATE: I've chosen this new template (the old template was white and showed an up close view of a woman's face. This template is multicolored with a black background and three silhouettes of women at the top.

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