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Where does she get those nifty templates?

For those of you who have Blogger accounts, you can do a Dogpile search for 'free blogger templates'. (Dogpile is an all-in-one search engine that combines MSN, Yahoo, and Google. "All best search engines piled into one." Many thanks goes out to Ber for directing me to such a great service. If you ever want to set your default search engine in IE 6.0, contact me and I will walk you through it -- it's super easy!) I found this pretty one when I went to and clicked on this. There is a small sampling of templates here...I saw the Shrek the 3rd one and almost went for it. Then I saw the Pirates one, and almost went for that. I decided on the one you see here because I haven't seen anything like it anywhere. (Special note here: the only way I could get it to work was to download the coding to my computer and then upload it to the site. It took all of two seconds...I'd like to take credit for being some computer guru, but alas, I cannot. It's a simple case of copy and paste -- or in this case, download and upload).

As far as using templates for other blog sites like Wordpress, I'm not familiar enough with them to know if you can alter the HTML coding in the templates or not. But it's certainly worth a try!


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