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Two weeks down

As of yesterday, I have ten days of teaching under my belt, but it feels like I've been at the school much longer.I started my school year back in July for new hire training, then spent a week setting up my classroom and then had a week of pre-planning. So, in essence, I've been at school for a month.

My first week went by in a blur. I was learning about the littles - their likes, dislikes, and personalities. I would come home every day, ready to pass out (and many nights, did). However, while I'm in the building, I'm full of energy and ready to go! In the words of Gene Wilder, "I hope it lasts."

Still, working with littles (in any capacity) can be a little overstimulating. I think this somewhat phases out when you're working with middle and high school students, but working with elementary school students is definitely a hands on experience.

It is important to decompress/unwind/re-center in order to give your all to your students (and to your family) wit…