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The Girl Scout Law: What it looks like in the grown up world

I have spent most of last week in training. During the last part of the week, I spent the majority of my time in a room with 70 other teachers, either new (like me!) or coming into the system. On Saturday, I spent the  my day in a Girl Scout training. In the afternoon, the highlight of my training was a conflict resolution class.

I was given a list of classes to choose from and I just thought this would fit me perfectly. After all, skills you learn at Girl Scouts never stay in Girl Scouts. I mean, that's the whole point of Girl Scouts!

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.
We don't expect our girls to take what they learn and hold on it, never to use it. No! We expect them to take it out into the world as they grow to be courageous and confident women of character. But, in order to do that, we have to model that behavior (Do you see what I did there? Just throwing some educational jargon into the mix for your readin…

Untraceable: A Book Review

My aunt and uncle recently came for a visit. It was great seeing them after not seeing them for a very long time. We had a good time catching up and even went out for a celebratory lunch. Before she left, my aunt mentioned that now that I was a certified teacher, I could take advantage of Netgalley, a website which allows certified teachers and librarians to review books for free.

I had the opportunity to read my first review copy this weekend.

Untraceable by S.R. Johannes is a young adult suspense, thriller novel with a little bit of romance thrown in. The main character, 16 year old Grace Wells, has grown up at her father's side. As long as she was able to walk, she was following her dad through the woods of North Carolina, learning basic survival strategies. It's a good thing, too, because he's been missing for three months and the local Sheriff is about to close the case. But deep in her heart, Gracie knows that her dad is still alive. Her goal is to prove it - especia…

How do I love thee, let me count the ways

Confession (although I'm not Catholic). I've recently gone back to church. Before I went back to school, I had found a local church that I felt comfortable attending and dragging taking my kids to. But then I began to feel overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed with the school work of my classes. Between working all day, doing the mom stuff, the wife stuff, and the school stuff, I looked forward to Family Day. (For as long as I can remember, Sundays have been Family Day. I think it started because The Man Beast worked six days a week and the one day he was off, Sunday, we all wanted to spend together.)

One thing led to another and I stopped going to church. At first, I'd miss a Sunday here and there. Oh, people always understood. I had a lot on my plate, after all. Eventually, those Sundays that I went to church came further and further apart until one day, I stopped going altogether. I promised myself that I'd go back to church after all this "stuff" was taken care…

It's a, more like an Iron Man competition

I have shared on Facebook that after accepting the work challenge in April, I am ten pounds from my goal. One of the first things people want to know is how I did it. The second thing they want to know is how long it took.

Despite the fact that I've lost 25 lbs since April of this year, I have lost a total of 42 lbs. It has taken me over four years to do it.

It was not quick. There was no quick fix. No crash dieting. No diet pills. No surgery.

The weight loss was more than just weight loss. It was a process. A journey.

We want to lose weight because we're fat. Nobody really likes being fat. (I guess there is a small percentage that accept themselves as they are, but most of the time, those of us who are fat have associated health problems. For me, it was heart palpitations and overall energy loss.)

I started my journey four years ago using Sparkpeople and watching my fat and calories. I also exercised vigorously. I lost 40 lbs. Over the course of my career as a paraprofession…