The theory behind This Side of Perfect

Do you look around my blog and think wonder where the title came from?

It's been through several name changes: Woman Within, Horizontal Yo-Yo, and finally, This Side of Perfect. I loved the name so much, I actually bought the domain name!

I think the tagline pretty much says it all, but it has come to my attention that some people might think the idea of highlighting when things aren't going right rather depressing. And maybe to some it is. But in the video (my first - be kind!), I explain what blogging means to me and why I chose to go this route rather than a buttoned-up and beautiful version of life outlined on the net via a blog.

Watch. Ponder. Comment.

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What can an iPhone do for you?

Testing. The question is: can you post a blog post from your iPhone using only voice chat? Well, let's find out, shall we?

The answer is yes you can! I'd like to thank my friend Paola for the little tidbit of information about the Blogger mobile app. This adds a whole dimension to blog posts!

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What a difference a year makes...or not

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I love going back and rereading what I wrote. I find that when I first started my blog, my writing had a different vibe to it than it does now. In many ways, I feel it doesn't have the creative bend that it used to and I attribute much of this to the fact that I've been writing research papers for the past four years.

I went back and reread my first blog post of 2012 (you can read it here). Amazingly, not much has changed, while at the same time, everything has changed.

  • TMB lost his job just a few days after Christmas last year. Luckily, a couple of weeks later, he was able to find a job. It is a job he enjoys and while the pay is less, so is the stress. In the grand scheme of things, less stress and having a job you like is what it is all about.
  • I gave up my position with the school in May in order to complete my student teaching. I have and am now a college graduate! I've also been offered another para position at a local elementary school. While it is not a teaching position, I believe it will work out well because it allows me to study and earn further SPED certifications on my teaching certificate so that when it comes time to apply for a teaching position, I'll have more options available to me.
  • The Boy and Baby Girl will be starting the second semester of high school and middle school. It's going rather well - better than I had hoped, actually.
  • I feel that as I get older, I hold on more tightly to the relationships that matter most. I feel myself connecting to long, lost relationships that might not have been as strong as they should have been. The passing of two strong women has made me realize that life is short and it's the relationships that make it worth living - nothing more.
These past four months have been challenging. Actually, downright hard and nail-biting at times. I've had to rely on faith more than I ever remember relying on it in the past. But we survived and things are looking up.

And now for some resolutions, shall we? I challenge you to this one:

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others.
Credit: freedigitalphotos

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