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Update 2/27/08

So, my dear friends, Lisa and Linda, have told me that I am due for an update in my blog. I made a promise to Lisa (who also bugged me, lovingly, about my Spark Page blog) that I would get to that today. So here I am.

First, for all of you readers who found my blog through a MSN group, please know that I have unjoined most of them. This was not because I was upset, angry, hurt (or any of the other million and one mama drama reasons to unjoin a group). My reason was simple: MSN was being a pain in the patootie and wasn't allowing me access. Rather than clutter up member lists with my non-participating self, I figured I'd just unjoin and save everyone the hassle. Lizz1176 has informed me that some of you over in Barf land have been asking about me. I'm okay and you're welcome to contact me via my blog. I'm sorry if this has caused any hurt or confusion.

I'm less than a month away from my NaNoWriMo editing goal. The goal is to edit my novel and have it r…