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Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving

Today, thousands of families around the country are sitting at their tables, with their families, giving thanks. There's also a good chance there is bickering about stuffing vs dressing, whole berry or jellied cranberry sauce, or who's going to win today's game. (Who is playing, by the way?)

This year, for the second year in a row, The Turtle Clan will be going Thanksgiving solo. In fact, as I write this, The Man Beast is teaching The Boy the secrets of his homemade Hawaiian rolls.

While I give thanks every day, today is set aside for a special time of thanksgiving. I've been trying to pray more this week. I tend to get sidetracked with my praying, so instead, I've been writing in a prayer journal. It keeps me focused and it's something I look forward to.

Is it right to write down prayers? I'm not sure. I do know that I feel closer to God when I write letters to him. Plus, family legacy is very important to me and I see this journal as being one of (hopefu…