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The YoYo Has Moved!

Hey Y'all!

The Horizontal Yo-Yo has moved. Please join me over at the *new* Horizontal Yo-Yo!

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I'm a Christian: Conclusion

Y'all might have been wondering why I chose to post a week-long parody of the Mac vs PC commercials.

It wasn't to make fun ... honest.

Instead, I wanted to challenge all of my readers - those who have a relationship with Christ and those who do not.

The term 'Christianity' is a wonderful, comforting label, isn't it? I think we've all been guilty of hiding behind it (yes, hiding). I, myself, have found comfort in the label (sometimes, it's just so comfortable in the box, isn't it? And I believe that we also like putting other things in boxes, too - not just ourselves. God, for example).

What separates the Christian faith (I will not call it religion) from other beliefs is that it circles (not boxes) around a relationship with Christ.

A relationship with Christ? What's the catch?

No catch. Really. There are no rigorous rules that one must follow. No hoop-jumping is necessary (although I believe dead churches would have you believe that you must do a…

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