Mid-Week Reality Check

I'm sorry that I don't have this written down for y'all to actually print out. If you want, I would be willing to listen to the video and write it down - but Lordy will it take some time. (Or you could do it if you're affected by this as much as I am).

Until next time...

I Have Seen 159 out of 239 Films

I've seen a lot of movies. Next on my list: Mama Mia! The Man Beast ordered it for me from Netflix (isn't he sweet?) There is absolutely no chance of him watching it with me...but it was sweet that he got it knowing that I was just wondering what all the hype was about.

Anyone wanna join me for some low-fat popcorn?

(x) Rocky Horror Picture Show
(x) Grease
(X) Pirates of the Caribbean
(X) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
() Boondock Saints
(x) Fight Club
() Starsky and Hutch
(x) Neverending Story
(x) Blazing Saddles
(x) Airplane
Total: 8

(x) The Princess Bride
(x) Anchorman
() Napoleon Dynamite
(x) Labyrinth
(x) Saw
(x) Saw II
(x) White Noise
(x) White Oleander
() Anger Management
(x) 50 First Dates
(x) The Princess Diaries
(x) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
Total so far:18

(x) Scream
(x) Scream 2
(x) Scream 3
(x) Scary Movie
(x) Scary Movie 2
(x) Scary Movie 3
(x) Scary Movie 4
(x) American Pie
(x) American Pie 2
(x) American Wedding
() American Pie Band Camp
Total so far: 28

(x) Harry Potter 1
(x) Harry Potter 2
(x) Harry Potter 3
(x) Harry Potter 4
(x) Resident Evil 1
(x) Resident Evil 2
(x) The Wedding Singer
() Little Black Book
(x) The Village
(x) Lilo & Stitch
Total so far: 37

(x) Finding Nemo
(x) Finding Neverland
(x) Signs
(x) The Grinch
(x) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
(x) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
() White Chicks
(x) Butterfly Effect
() 13 Going on 30 (Suddenly 30)
(x) I, Robot
(x) Robots
Total so far: 47

(x) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
() Universal Soldier
(x) Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
() Along Came Polly
(x) Deep Impact
(x) KingPin
() Never Been Kissed
(x) Meet The Parents
(x) Meet the Fockers
() Eight Crazy Nights
(x) Joe Dirt
(x) KING KONG (2003)
Total so far: 55

() A Cinderella Story
(x) The Terminal
() The Lizzie McGuire Movie
() Passport to Paris
(x) Dumb & Dumber
() Dumber & Dumberer
(x) Final Destination
(x) Final Destination 2
(x) Final Destination 3
(x) Halloween
(x) The Ring
(x) The Ring 2
() Surviving X-MAS
(x) Flubber
Total so far: 64

() Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
(x) Practical Magic
() Chicago
(x) Ghost Ship
() From Hell
(x) Hellboy
() Secret Window
(x) I Am Sam
(x) The Whole Nine Yards
() The Whole Ten Yards
Total so far: 69

(x) The Day After Tomorrow
(x) Child’s Play
(x) Seed of Chucky
(x) Bride of Chucky
(x) Ten Things I Hate About You
(x) Just Married
(x) Gothika
(x) Nightmare on Elm Street
(x) Sixteen Candles
(x) Remember the Titans
() Coach Carter
(x) The Grudge
(x) The Grudge 2
(x) The Mask
(x) Son Of The Mask
Total so far: 83

(x) Bad Boys
() Bad Boys 2
() Joy Ride
() Lucky Number Slevin
(x) Ocean’s Eleven
(x) Ocean’s Twelve
(x) Bourne Identity
(x) Bourne Supremacy
( ) Lone Star
(x) Bedazzled
() Predator I
() Predator II
() The Fog
(x) Ice Age
(x) Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
() Curious George
Total so far: 90

(x) Independence Day
(x) Cujo
() A Bronx Tale
() Darkness Falls
() Christine
(x) ET
(x) Children of the Corn
() My Bosses Daughter
(x) Maid in Manhattan
(x) War of the Worlds
(x) Rush Hour
(x) Rush Hour 2
Total so far: 97

() Best Bet
(x) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
() She’s All That
(x) Calendar Girls
() Sideways
(x) Mars Attacks
() Event Horizon
(x) Ever After
(x) Wizard of Oz
(x) Forrest Gump
() Big Trouble in Little China
(x) The Terminator
(x) The Terminator 2
(x) The Terminator 3
Total so far: 106

(x) X-Men The best movies ever! lol
(x) X-2
(x) X-3
(x) Spider-Man
(x) Spider-Man 2
() Sky High
(x) Jeepers Creepers
(x) Jeepers Creepers 2
() Catch Me If You Can
(x) The Little Mermaid
(x) Freaky Friday
() Reign of Fire
(x) The Skulls
() Cruel Intentions
() Cruel Intentions 2
() The Hot Chick
(x) Shrek
(x) Shrek 2
Total so far: 118

() Swimfan
(x) Miracle on 34th street
(x) Old School
() The Notebook
() K-Pax
() Krippendorf’s Tribe
(x) A Walk to Remember
() Ice Castles
() Boogeyman
(x) The 40-year-old Virgin
Total so far: 122

() Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Ring
() Lord of the Rings The Two Towers
() Lord of the Rings Return Of the King
(x) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
(x) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
(x) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
Total so far: 125

(x) Baseketball
(x) Hostel
() Waiting for Guffman
(x) House of 1000 Corpses
(x) Devils Reject
(x) Elf
() Highlander
() Mothman Prophecies
(x) American History X
() Three
Total so Far: 131

() The Jacket
() Kung Fu Hustle
() Shaolin Soccer
() Night Watch
(x) Monsters Inc.
(x) Titanic
(x) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
(x) Shaun Of the Dead
() Willard
Total so far: 135

() High Tension
() Club Dread
(x) Hulk
() Dawn Of the Dead
(x) Hook
(x) Chronicles Of Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe
(x) 28 days later
(x) Orgazmo
() Phantasm
(x) Waterworld
Total so far: 142

(x) Kill Bill vol 1
(x) Kill Bill vol 2
(x) Mortal Kombat
() Wolf Creek
() Kingdom of Heaven
(x) The Hills Have Eyes
() I Spit on Your Grave aka the Day of the Woman
() The Last House on the Left
() Re-Animator
() Army of Darkness
Total so far: 146

(x) Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
(x) Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
() Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sith
(x) Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
(x) Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
(x) Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
() Ewoks Caravan Of Courage
() Ewoks The Battle For Endor
Total so far: 151

(x) The Matrix
(x) The Matrix Reloaded
(x) The Matrix Revolutions
(x) Animatrix
() Evil Dead
() Evil Dead 2
(x) Team America: World Police
(x) Red Dragon
(x) Silence of the Lambs
(x) Hannibal
Total so far: 159

Now Add them up and…
Put “I’ve seen … out of 239 films” in the subject line and repost it.

Until next time...

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday

I just had a fabulous visit with MIL, Monster Mama, Monster Daddy, Bean Pole, and Jellybean, but I felt the urge to post today. Usually, I leave the Sunday Reflections to Linda, but this was too good not to get out. I don't usually do 'political'...but this needs to be said.

Today was Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. A group gathered at a local southern cafe to pray for an hour in hopes of ending abortion.

Some frightening statistics:
  • Almost 50 million babies have been aborted since the early 1970s
  • Only about 1% are the result of rape or incest (a common defense for pro-choice)
I'm not here to sit in judgment of those reading who might have had an abortion - the same God that loves me, loves you - our sins are the same -- but all I'm saying is that if my mother had made a different decision, I wouldn't be here. If Monster Mama had made a different decision, Jellybean wouldn't be here.

There is a bill that we Georgians hope will be on the ballot in 2010 called The Human Life Amendment. There is a lot to it and if you want to read it in full, you can here, but in a nutshell:
With respect to the fundamental and inalienable rights of all persons guaranteed in this Constitution, the word “person” applies to all human beings, irrespective of age, race, sex, health, function, or condition of dependency, including their unborn children at every state of their biological development, including fertilization.

This Amendment will not only apply to the unborn but to the elderly and handicapped and disabled as well. Did you know that there are some people who would believe that someone doesn't deserve to live if they can't bring a fork to their mouth? This would include some of the ladies that I've visited in the nursing home and every single one of my students in the classroom! I just cannot accept this.

If you feel so led, would you please be in prayer about this Amendment? Prayer is a powerful thing - it's a gift that we as Christians often fail to tap into.

Until next time...

I Get By With a Little Help from My Friends

Y'all, listen up. I need your help. My dear friend and blog mentor, Susan, needs your help. She is in the running for Best New Blog. There is 24 hours left and she could really use your votes. But first, let me tell you a bit about Susan.

Susan heads up Raisin Toast, a Cat blog (personal blog), where she talks about the every day occurrences in her life. She is also a kick butt painter. And her blog? Yeah, she's learning how to put it all together and she's come a long way. I predict that by the time we ring in 2010, she will have taken her blog leaps and bounds above what it is now (and it's pretty smokin' now).

Okay, enough is enough. Go check her blog out and then give her a shout out by voting for her:

And, if you feel so inclined, give her some bloggy love by posting the voting link on your blog.

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Friday is Test Day

Remember when you were in school and Fridays always meant tests? In elementary school, there was usually a spelling test (although in today's elementary school there is a spelling test, a vocabulary test, and a reading test - no slackers allowed!). By the time you got to middle school and high school, instead of a spelling test, you had an English test, Science test, History test and just for fun, a shuttle run test in PE. Whew!

Aren't you glad you're out of school?

Now, it's time for the Giraffe Test (don't you just love me?)

1. How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator?

Stop, think about it and decide on your answer before you read further.
The correct answer is: Open the refrigerator, put in the giraffe, and close the door. This question tests whether you tend to do simple things in an overly complicated way.

2. How do you put an elephant into a refrigerator?

Did you say open the refrigerator, put in the elephant, and close the refrigerator? Wrong answer.
Correct answer: Open the refrigerator, take out the giraffe, put in the elephant and close the door. This tests your ability to think through the repercussions of your previous actions.

3. The Lion King is hosting a conference. All the animals attend except one. Which animal does not attend?

Correct answer : The elephant. The elephant is in the refrigerator. Didn't you just put him in there? This tests your memory.

Okay, even if you did not answer the first three questions correctly, you still have one more chance to show your true abilities.

4. You must cross a river but crocodiles live there, and you don't have a boat. How do you manage it?

Correct answer: You jump into the river and swim across. Haven't you been listening? All the crocodiles are attending the animal meeting. This tests whether you learn quickly from your mistakes.

How did you score? Don't feel bad -- most professionals fail this test. Yet most pre-schoolers pass it with flying colors!

courtesy of Plain Truth Ministries

Until next time...

Don't Die On Me

As of 10:30 am today, I am CPR certified.

I pray I never have to use it!

Until next time...

If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It

About a year ago, I guess, I decided that I was going to put my family on a laundry schedule.

I booted up the computer, opened up Word, and set to work.

My schedule was simple: Mondays were for sheets and blankets, Tuesdays were for the Man Beast's and my clothes, Wednesday were for Baby Gurl's and the Boy's clothes and Saturday was a catch-all - all clothes that needed to be done, were done on Saturday. Thursday, Friday and Sunday were No Laundry days.

After I spent 30 minutes making my schedule pretty, I printed out four copies; one for each bedroom and one for the laundry room.

I then directed my brood to the schedule and explained when laundry would get done. I also explained that as part of chores, I expected laundry to be put in the laundry room. I didn't expect much but I was pleasantly surprised.

To this day, everyone in the house has the schedule memorized by heart!

I figured I was onto something so since my ink came in the mail today (I ordered online since it's so much cheaper), I would get started and move this schedule bit to other chores in the house.

Today, I made a Kitchen Duty list, a Bathroom Detail list (because bathroom duty would sound a little too gross) and a Kitchen Rotation (I also have to make up a bathroom rotation, but I haven't gotten that far yet).

On the Kitchen Duty list are a list of tasks that need to be done. This is to remind whoever turn it is to clean the kitchen exactly what to do (so far only The Boy and I have kitchen duty. Baby Gurl helps unload the dishwasher, but as of yet, this is the extend of her 'kitchen duty'). The Bathroom Detail list similarly lists tasks that need to be done in the bathroom.

The are going to be posted tomorrow after church. I plan on putting the lists in their prospective rooms. Since the bathroom tends to get a little soggy, I'm going to place the Bathroom Detail list in a page protector.

I think all too often, us moms complain because we don't get help around the house. I feel that a majority of the time the reason we don't get help is because the other bodies in the house don't know what to do. But it should be obvious!, you might say. Well, of course it's obvious to us. We're the ones who do it all! But it might not be so obvious to the rest of your troupe.

My suggestion to you is to make sure that your family knows what is expected of them, give them the tools to remember (I use the lists, but you can use whatever you want), show them how you expect the task done (to this day, The Boy gets weekly lessons on how to fold my towels. There is a certain way I want them done and he still hasn't gotten the hang of it. So I calmly show him and his sister how I expect it done. One day, I hope it sinks in.)

There isn't one good reason why us moms should be doing all the work around the house. We're doing a giant disservice to our family! Our daughters aren't learning how to run a household, our sons aren't learning how to take care of themselves and our husbands are left in the dark concerning all household tasks-what if something happens to us? Where does this put them?

Grim, I know...but a sad reality.

I suggest we stop being martyrs and let our families help us around the house. Let them take pride in where they live by giving them the tools to take care of it.

You get help around the house. They learn valuable life skills. It's a win-win scenario!

Until next time...

You Only Have 24 Hours, Right?

When I shared my 6-tiered resolution plan with all of you, I got quite the response, both on and offline. Everyone was supportive, but all were a bit skeptical, I think. And with good reason. Most people who make resolutions don't keep them. Which brings me to this question: if we don't keep them, why do we make them?

Well, my dear bloggy friend Sparky doesn't bother. "I don't bother with resolutions anymore. Can't keep them anyways." That's keepin' it real, wouldn't you say?

Others don't call them resolutions, but goals.

I call them what-I-should-be-doing-all-along. My goals..er, resolutions..aren't way out there. I don't want to climb Mount Everest on my birthday. I don't want to go to Europe. No, my goals are simple: be healthy - both physically and spiritually, be financially sound, be a better mama, wife and friend, and take a little time out each day for me (writing, sewing, blogging, etc). And honestly, with the exception of the last one, these are all things that should have already been in the game plan all along.

When people take a look at my 52 Weeks of Resolutions, I'm sure the first thing that crosses their mind is, "Whoa, that's allotta resolutions!" The second, "How is she going to do it all?"

Well, Ann, over at Holy Experience explains it so well. Our life is a jar. We have things that we have to put in our jar; big things and little things. The Big Things are the important things - time with the Father, being a good and caring mother, etc. Then there's the little things - dishes, laundry, blah, blah, blah (this list really is so much longer - and so repetitive! Don't we do the little things over and over again; day after day?)

Ann explains that if we don't take time out to do the Big Things first, our jar will be filled up with the little things and there won't be any room in our jar for the Big Things. (Anyone who has crashed into bed at the end of the day only to discover that she hasn't prayed, or worked out, or bathed knows what I'm talking about).

So...how do you get the Big Things in your jar while still having time for all the little things?

Ann calls it Back-to-Basics Discipline. Number One: Get up Early. And as she states, getting up early starts the night before. You need to get to bed early, too. Before you go to bed, however, you'll need to plan for the morning: set out clothes, pack lunches, make sure shoes and backpacks can be found...

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Yes, we all have 24 hours in a day. Most of us (hopefully) spend around 8 hours of those days sleeping. That leaves us 16 hours in a day to do what we need to do. For those of us who work, it leaves around 8. If we learned anything from the Time Challenge back in July, it was that when it's not planned, a lot of time is wasted.

So, to get back to Thought #2 - How is she going to do it all - I'm going to plan. I'm going to stop wasting so much time. I'm going to enlist in the help of the other three lifeforms that reside in the turtle house. I'm going to stop thinking about doing the things on my list and I'm going to just do them.

For some inexplicable reason, I am easily fooled into thinking most jobs are serious undertakings--so I avoid beginning. But 15 minutes is the way every job begins.
Ann, Holy Experience

In the next coming weeks (52, to be exact - ha!), I'll be revisiting old posts and old ideas. What you'll be reading won't be new information. You've seen it time and time again. But hopefully, the way I present it will provide motivation to those of you who have set goals and resolutions...and those of you who haven't.

Getting it all done is a challenge we all face. Just do a Google search for 'organization', and you'll get tons of websites (both free and not), who want to teach you how to get organized. Like weight loss (eat less energy than you exert), they all have the same basic principals - get up early, make lists, use time effectively - but it's all presented differently. I hope that I'm able to bring information to you in such a way that 'clicks' and works for you.

Here is to a productive 2009!

Until next time...

The Weight Is Over

It has occurred to me that in order to keep up with my various blogs (writing them, not reading them), there is going to have to be a bit of cross posting.

What follows is from my Spark Page. A quick word about Spark People - I'm a firm believer in the free weight-loss community. The free tools, like the food diary and exercise tracker were great motivators for me. With Spark People's help, I was able to lose 45 lbs! (Of course, I have backslid, you'll read why in a minute - but I failed me, Spark People did not fail).

For all of you whose goal is to lose weight this year, please do yourself a favor and check out Spark People. Tell them SURFETTE729 sent ya!

And now onto my Spark People blog post:

Always Sparking

I've been on my Spark Journey since January 1, 2007. I have yet to reach my ultimate goal of 140 lbs. And now I know why.

Like alcoholics, we can't deal with food the same way 'normal' people do. We tend to go overboard. When we do, we fall way off our program (which ever program that might be) and start regaining the weight that we lost.

This is what happened to me. By May of 2008, I had lost 46 lbs. I was feeling great! I headed back home to VA with my family for a summer family vacation. I was fit! My clothes were looking fabulous. I was on top of the world.

It all started out simply enough - a french fry here, some ranch dressing there. I came home a week later to find that I had gained five pounds.

"No problem!" I told myself. I'll just get back to Sparking.

Well, it didn't happen. I never fully got back on the Spark program (which works, btw), and as a result, I have gained 16 of those 46 pounds back.


What happened?

My friend LIZZ1176 said it best - "We will always be Sparking. And there's nothing wrong with that."

I do not have a healthy relationship with food. I am an emotional eater. I tend to overeat. I NEED Sparkpeople to keep me on track. And chances are, I'll be Sparking for the REST OF MY LIFE.

But that's not necessarily a bad thing, right? After all, the people who don't have issues with their weight 'spark' whether they know it or not. We're just making the conscious effort.

So, join me as I resolve to Spark for the rest of my life. But first, I have an ultimate goal - to reach 140 lbs by my 33rd birthday - THIS June!

Reaching goals in '09,

52 Weeks of Resolutions

Happy New Year! It is 2009! Are you up with me? (Are you drunk?) I'm not. Not one drop to drink this year. The Man Beast is sober, too. All four of us are up, just waiting until the tick tock of the clock ticks down to midnight (I'm writing this at 11:30 - it will be posted at midnight - appropriate, don't you think?)

Okay, if you've read some of your favorite blogs, you've read some of your favorite blog authors' resolutions. Sit back for another one.

What is one reason why people don't make New Year's Resolutions? Because they never stick to them!

To help combat this, I'm implementing something for myself - and for you as readers: 52 Weeks of Resolutions. In other words, resolutions from Day 1 to Day 365. To further stay focused, I've divided up my resolutions into categories. As the weeks go, I'll discuss how I'm doing with my own goals as well as providing tools for you to reach your goals. I've read a lot of resolutions this week and it looks like we all have the same categories covered, even if the individual goals are different. To help, I'll be bringing in Lizz and Shellbell from over at my other blog, FAC 2009, as they have many of the same healthy lifestyle goals as I do.

My 52 Weeks of Resolutions are as follows:

  • I'll spend more time in prayer with My Father.
  • I'll spend time memorizing Scripture and hiding it in my heart.
  • I'll spend more time in The Word.
  • I'll keep track of my bills.
  • I'll keep track of my checking account.
  • I'll keep up on my savings.
  • I'll work on paying off our debts.
Healthy Lifestyle
  • I'll get back to Sparking.
  • I'll help the Kiddos eat their Daily Five.
  • I'll get more active with the Kiddos.
  • I'll teach healthy lifestyle living to the Kiddos - not push a diet onto them.
  • I'll learn more HTLM coding in hopes of creating my own blog template.
  • I'll learn more about Photoshop in order to make my blog more eye-pealing.
  • I'll keep up on blogging every day, for the whole year.
  • I'll edit my 2007 NaNoWriMo novel.
  • I'll break out my sewing machine and learn how to use it.
  • I'll put to good use my Brand Spankin' New Scrapbook.
  • I'll improve on my photography.
Mixing it all up
  • Getting and keeping the house (and all it's components) organized.
  • Keeping up the Kiddos allowances (fits into Financial, too)
  • Being a better wife, mother and friend
My goals will be tackled on the blog in no particular order; they'll be done according to how I come across the tools and the anecdotes to blog about them. Of course, rest assured, I will be working on these goals 'offline', all the time. I'll explain as the weeks go on exactly how I plan to tackle my goals.

I pray that 2008 has been good to you and if it hasn't, 2009 is a chance to - not start over - but start fresh. Change what you need to change in your life. Whether that change be spiritual, financial or personal, I urge you to take the plunge and make the change. Be very careful, though, that you're goals don't become your gods. There is only One and with His help, we can achieve anything.

Here's to a great year!

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