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A big thank you to the unthanked

I'm taking advantage of the sit-down time I have to update. Unfortunately, I'm doing this 'offline' because our DSL is wonky and decides not to work when there is a storm.
I've promised everyone that I would give updates and I stand true on my promise.

Unfortunately, during the week I have some fabulous ideas for blog entries but end up 'losing' them when I get near a computer. (I read in a blog -- I don't remember which one -- that the author would get alerts from Yahoo or Google and then use those as blog entries. That sounds like a grand idea except that my ideas rarely revolve around current events. But...maybe they should? Maybe if I did, I would make more timely entries? Maybe if I did I would give my readers something to read?)

Today's entry will revolve around a current even considering the date. Everyone remembers where they were 'when the world stopped turning.' I remember standing in front of my TV screen, completely at shock…