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8 Totally Random Things About Me

I've been tagged! I've never been tagged before, so this should be interesting. we go:

When I was 6, I lived in Mexico and could read, write and speak Spanish. I spoke fluent English but could not read or write it and as a result, I was held back when we came back to the States.I write homeschooling articles for a MSN group.South Park is my guilty pleasure.I have no full-blooded siblings. Both of my brothers are half (one on each 'side' -- share a mom with one, share a dad with another) and my sister is a step (actually, she's an ex-step sister) Not that any of that matters -- I love my brother and my sister dearly. I have been homeless.I used to be a telephone psychic.I aspire to be many things, but at the end of the day, I am just me. (And most days, I'm okay with this).I have a addictive personality. Rarely do I do anything half way -- it's all or nothing with I said, I've never been tagged I sure hope I …

School Room Pictures

This is one view of the schoolroom (converted den) in from the hallway off the kitchen looking toward the living room.

This is the view of the schoolroom from the living room toward the dining room.We've since added lots of 'stuff' to our schoolroom. I'll be going through it this weekend and get it cleaned up and organized for our next school year (this will make our third).Back to school countdown: 26 more days!