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Back to Business

Come Monday, we're back to business as usual. Well, semi-usual. To ward off the boredom, I'll start doing math and writing with DJ in the mornings. This time, though, I'll have to bring Lynne into the mix because she is primed for learning and I just don't want to waste it. I think I"ll work on reading with her.

Today, I felt relatively productive. I cleaned out the den desk because DH wants to take it to work and put it in his office. While I was in the den and cleaning out the desk, I figured I'd go through this year's work. Oh my goodness! Talk about paper. I had tons of it -- everywhere! I threw out two trash bags full of trash by the time I got done (a good three hours worth of work). I also boxed up this year's text books and rearranged the ones I'll be using for next year.

I found my Teacher Direct catalog and browsed through that. Some of the items are impractical in a home school setting. Some things are just too expensive. But I did find a …

Jordin what?

I was one of the millions (billions?) of people who tuned in last night to watch the next American Idol winner. I wasn't surprised to see Jordin take the prize. Don't get me wrong -- Blake is great. But he does have his genre and that last song from Tuesday night killed him. I have absolutely no doubt that Blake will go on and succeed. Look at Jennifer Hudson, after all!

After the show was over, I wondered how Jordin felt. Okay, so I know she was probably on cloud nine all night long -- but will it last? Taylor Hicks was thrilled when he wont last year. How long did his euphoria last? Did he wake up every day thinking, "Am I dreaming? What did I ever do to deserve all of this?" Or has the schedule bogged him down a little? Did touring drain him? Is he looking to achieve another goal?

What I want to know is does everyone go from goal to goal, barely enjoying the fruits of their labor?

I am a prime example. Here I have lost 30 pounds and have gone down two p…

My advice to women/mothers everywhere

I am one of those mothers who always puts herself last. If DH needs work clothes or shoes, he gets them. If the kids need new shoes or clothes, they get them. Meanwhile, I have bras that have seen better days and underpants that have elastic coming out of them.

In January, I joined Sparkpeople and rededicated my life...this time, to me. I figure (and rightly so) that I cannot continue taking care of everyone else when I'm not taking care of me. So, every day for at least 30 minutes (sometimes closer to an hour), I spend time taking care of me. I get my 30 minutes of cardio in six times a week. I do my strength training three times a week. Sometimes it's hard. But I have to make myself take this time and I have to tell the kids (specifically) that this is Mommy Time. I will be with them in an hour...but this is my time. (It's important to note that before I get comments telling me what a horrible mother I am, I do dedicate the next 23 hours to the kids and to husband, so tak…

Where does she get those nifty templates?

For those of you who have Blogger accounts, you can do a Dogpile search for 'free blogger templates'. (Dogpile is an all-in-one search engine that combines MSN, Yahoo, and Google. "All best search engines piled into one." Many thanks goes out to Ber for directing me to such a great service. If you ever want to set your default search engine in IE 6.0, contact me and I will walk you through it -- it's super easy!) I found this pretty one when I went to and clicked on this. There is a small sampling of templates here...I saw the Shrek the 3rd one and almost went for it. Then I saw the Pirates one, and almost went for that. I decided on the one you see here because I haven't seen anything like it anywhere. (Special note here: the only way I could get it to work was to download the coding to my computer and then upload it to the site. It took all of two seconds...I'd like to take credit for being some computer guru, but alas, I cannot. It…

Why doesn't she just stay put?!?!

It's a fair question. Why don't I just stay put? I can't help it. I don't like it over at Brave Journal. I want more out of a blog. Maybe this will suit me? At least I can label these posts. Brave Journal doesn't allow me to do anything cool like that -- even if I pay them -- and Blogger is free!

So, here I am. I make this solemn vow: I will update this blog more often than I've updated any other blog. (That is, after I learn how to use this blog.)

Enjoy your stay!